AVNOC® Infocomm2015 New Product Release


AVNOC® is introducing a revolution in audiovisual service management June 17th at Infocomm2015 in Orlando, Florida.

Recently developed API integration for Fusion, GVE and RMS tops of the lineup. AVNOC® gives a busy Executive a fresh look at the activities of an enterprise  We simplified link management and device status with an application designed for the Network Operation Center.

Using the AVNOC® EiS provides an instant overview of activities by room and region on a single page. Generate reports for service, room usage, call details and more. The AVNOC® EiS delivers a live feed of data to smart devices anywhere eliminating the need to be “in network” to manage systems. Everything is automated through AVNOC® Software for detailed real-time system status updates.

For managing an enterprise or running a service operations center. AVNOC® has the tools that make it easy to stay informed of daily activities along with performance data for long-term reporting.

We invite you to stop by AVNOC® Booth 2592 in the UC Pavilion to get a fresh perspective on all of our new products. Learn how to improve business performance using AVNOC® commercial audiovisual service and management solutions.