Selling annual service plans gets a much needed facelift

Call-in customer service plans are getting much harder to sell these days.


Here’s valuable information for service agreement sales that’s proven to generate more recurring annual revenue.

For today’s audiovisual integrator there are more opportunities than ever before to become a better service provider and charge for it. With the increased demand in AV networking customers are ripe for new service opportunities. Being a provider of UC technology is a wise choice in today’s economy, attaching a few more services to complete the package is where integrators can turn AV service in to a value-added resource if the right approach is taken.

Some of the best business opportunities can result from offering annual service agreements. Not the plumbers service model either where customers call-in with system failures and a detectable attitude because it’s your company’s installation. Good salesmanship is certainly a part of cultivating new services but it’s a bit easier to sell a performance-based product than one that just takes revenue from your customers budgets as a just-in-case policy. Before focusing on increasing service yield a few more steps should be taken to capitalize on what can really be some sweet low-hanging fruit.


Things to consider for better services:

  • Asset management software that includes customer service analytics

  • Remote monitoring with notifications sent to a help desk or service center

  • Cloud-based remote updating for device changes and asset updates

  • Automatic ticketing with customer demographics and failed device details

  • Monitoring appliances (not servers) for the customers AV networks

  • Scalability for unlimited IP addresses, network devices and multiple users

  • Easy installation that requires minimal interaction with IT departments

  • Qualified help desk personnel that know your customers technology

  • Mobile device compliant ticket application for field service technicians


It has been written and blogged many times that “service” is a key to long-term survival for system integrators. And lets not forget technology service is a billion dollar global industry too. The AV integration leaders realized all of this a decade ago and today they’re capitalizing on a new generation of customers by having services in place that’s been used by the IT industry for decades.


Offering remote AV monitoring is the surest way to positively impact future sales and services. As audiovisual systems become more IT centric so should the service model attached to those customers. Applying remote AV monitoring can generate new source of revenue through better services while simultaneously creating a stronger future for businesses to thrive in.


AVNOC® develops the ideal solutions for remote AV monitoring being offered by integrators across the nation. Our systems are specifically designed for audiovisual users and integrators to receive active system metrics through SNMP monitoring and to prevent excessive downtime. Today it’s easier than ever to have better customer services that include remote AV monitoring and service-based recurring revenue.

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