Service is key.

Some success with long term customers for AV integrators can be attributed to good service support. Good customer service has always been a key element to prosperous businesses. Staying current with modern tools to better customer service certainly makes a difference in the level of support you can offer.

Service providers need to provide the latest products for diagnosing and managing today’s modern AV systems. Having products that bring proactive support can better the chance for more annual service contracts. With AVNOC systems a service provider can bring outstanding quality in service to customers quick.

How’s your AV service department being operated?

  • Do customers call in and report failures?
  • Do you provide a website to report issues or open tickets?
  • Do your customers send an email and wait for a response?
  • Are your customers finding failed gear that’s been down for days?

AVNOC systems takes the level of support you can offer to the pinnacle of quality. Through our proactive monitoring solutions customers can get 100% AV network coverage everyday of the year. The AVNOC PSC computer line is designed specifically to bring enterprise level support to even the smallest businesses.

AVNOC supports customers with annual help desk service plans. We offer after hours support for nights, weekends, and holidays.

AVNOC® After Hours Support – 2013

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AVNOC® offers a ready-to-serve after hours help desk for customers. For just pennies per hour AVNOC responds to failure notifications and dispatches trouble tickets during businesses off-hours. For nights, weekends, and holidays we keep customers and end users alerted to the status of a failed device or even a blown projector lamp.

Integrators benefit by utilizing AVNOC® systems and after hours programs. An integrator is able to offer proactive support around the clock everyday of the year, while simultaneously earning more profit, winning more bids and service contracts resulting in more business growth.

AVNOC® is an easily applied technology that is compatible with any networked AV system. There are no SQL servers to deploy or major IT hurdles to jump through. Our systems are plug-n-play making it simple for any integrator to deploy a NOC and begin proactively servicing customers.

For information on AVNOC® systems call 888.99.AVNOC or visit www.avnoc.com

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