NEW 2.0 SOFTWARE RELEASE – Projector Lamp Hours Reports

AVNOC® remains focused on developing the exact products that meet the needs for AV/IT Helpdesk and NOC development systems. Answering the call from the industry and end users, AVNOC® adds new features to the interface and asset management portions of our software.

avnoc avnoc av monitoring

Our newest feature enhancements help make managing Host Groups and assigning Notifications Groups easier through a single page selection. In addition AVNOC® has added Projectors and Display lamp life messages to the software for receiving reports of current lamp life, lamp replacement warnings, and bulb failure alerts. Our 2.0 software provides look-up and email notifications of current hours and failed lamp conditions.

AVNOC® continues to move in the directions needed to provide more effective management systems for the industry and our clients. AVNOC® does not require servers to deploy our products making it simple to have full scale network management systems. Now with improved features for group assignments and lamp hour reports AVNOC® continues to provide effective technology at the lowest cost of ownership.

For more information about AVNOC® products and our newest AVNOC® 2.0 software go to AVNOC.com.