AVNOC® Solutions Improve Integrators Bottom Line


AVNOC® monitoring systems are made for ALL integrators to offer true remote AV monitoring and proactive support services to customers, winning more bids in the process. Smaller AV businesses can level the playing field while capitalizing on bid opportunity by including affordable AVNOC® monitoring and After Hours support services. Larger companies can provide better customer support becoming even more profitable through efficiency and value-add service increases.  It’s a win, win for the integrator and customers.

It’s been clearly noted by IMS Research and  Commercial Integrator that value-added services can win more bids nearly every time. Value-added services are remote AV monitoring and proactive services. It’s also a fact the more than 30% of successful integrators profit is generated through post sale customer support services.

Dealers need to have more than just a “service department” to thrive in todays advancing technology markets!

You be the customer and decide:

  • AV Company bids on an AV Installation with a basic service plan included.
    (users find failed gear)
  • AV Company bids on an AV Installation with proactive 24/7 support service plan included.
    (integrator notifies customers before they find it).

It’s a no brainer for the customer. They get advanced notification of failed equipment, eliminating users finding gear not working at the exact moment they need it.


The future for AV integrators is remote monitoring and proactive service. AVNOC® monitoring systems are so simple that any AV company or customer can install our products in just a few hours. We make proactive service possible for ALL integrators. We manufacture powerful monitoring solutions for almost any network security environment.

If your company needs a boost to improve the bottom line and better compete in markets, AVNOC® is one of the quickest and best answers for your business today!

Include proactive AVNOC® monitoring systems in your next bid proposal for winning results!

P. Scott Allard  – AVNOC, LLC