AVNOC® Partners With AVI-SPL

AVNOC® Partners With AVI-SPL To Deliver Audiovisual and Video Conference Monitoring for their Customers


AVNOC®, an AV/IT industry manufacturer with offices in Williamsburg, VA and Reno, NV, has partnered with leading global systems integrator and video communications provider AVI-SPL to deliver audiovisual and video conference monitoring for their customers. AVNOC® reports on AV/IT network availability plus detailed system metrics through (HIPAA compliant) SNMP monitoring keeping help desks, service centers and customers in-touch with networked audiovisual. Creating a secure solution that can help customers stay informed of systems is the focus of AVNOC®. Through secure software and remote appliances, AVNOC® monitors a customer’s entire audiovisual network providing detailed video-call metrics and the status of AV control making sure everything is online and ready-to-serve.

AVNOC® remote monitoring solutions continually deliver efficient services and diagnostic accuracy for commercial AV/IT systems. AVNOC® software is monitoring coupled with life-cycle and service management features. It’s complete with a mobile web interface and a customer resource database that contains service analytics and graphing, asset management, automated ticketing and SNMP monitoring.

Working with the professional team at AVI-SPL is a pleasure,” says AVNOC® Managing Partner, Scott Allard. “Providing our remote monitoring systems and software products for AVI-SPL is a great opportunity for our company.”

Mr. Allard goes on to say, “Developing the products that provide superior customer service is our main focus since the roll-out of AVNOC® in 2010. It’s very exciting for AVNOC® to be a part of the positive direction that the AV industry is going in.”

AVI-SPL, with offices in the U.S. and International, designs, builds and supports AV systems for telecommunications, video conferencing and telepresence solutions. AVI-SPL partners with software developers and manufacturers like AVNOC® to enhance service offerings for the highest level in quality customer care.

For further information on AVNOC®and their remote monitoring solutions, please visit http://www.avnoc.com.

For further information on AVI-SPL and their solutions, products and services, please visit www.avispl.com.

Written by: Corey Moss

SNMP Monitoring and Audiovisual – AVNOC®


Anatomy of SNMPAVNOC®


Over the years, Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) has been used to manage and monitor IT devices on a network. Many devices support SNMP, including routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, power systems, and even audiovisual gear. The primary use of SNMP is to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant attention. SNMP is a part of the Internet Protocol Suite that is defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The IETF defined a set of standards for network management and includes an application layer protocol, database schema and a set of data objects defined and used by the vendors.

SNMP exposes Management Information Base (MIB) data in the form of variables that can be queried and/or trapped.


Typical SNMP uses a Manager to manage or collect information from a group of hosts or devices on a computer network. SNMP agents on the managed/monitored devices expose management data as variables. The variables are accessible via SNMP (Queried or Trapped) and are organized in hierarchies defined by MIB’s. There are three components:

  • Managed Device – is a network node that implements SNMP (MD)
  • Agent – software that runs on the managed/monitored devices (AGENT)
  • Management Station – software that processes SNMP Traps / Queries (MS)


SNMP does not define which information a managed system should offer. It is up to the manufacturer to expose SNMP data in a manner which is appropriate for the device. SNMP does offer a means of communication of the variables. A hierarchical name-space containing Object Identifies (OID) identifies the variables which the manufacturer chooses to expose.

SNMP Version 1

SNMP Version 1 is the initial implementation of the protocol. It operates over protocols such as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Internet Protocol (IP), OSI Connectionless Network Service (CLNS), Apple Talk Datagram Delivery Protocol (DDP), and Novell Internet Packet Exchange (IPX).

Version 1 has been criticized for its poor security. Authentication of clients is performed only by a community string which is transmitted via clear text.

SNMP Version 2c

SNMP Version 2c extends version 1 and includes improvements over Version 1. This version was not highly accepted and was replaced by Version 3.

SNMP Version 3

SNMP Version 3 added cryptographic security.


Since most devices support Version 1, it is important to deploy these devices within a Secure Computing Environment (SCE). Such rules-of-thumb as never expose a SNMP Version 1 to the public internet is a good starting point for a successful SNMP implementation.

Queries can be processed within the SCE safely, it is when the data is required to be transported out of the SCE that an encrypted solution becomes apparent. The Management Station (MS) sends out queries to the Agents running on the devices and processes the data according to rules set forth in the query. Since the MS resides within the SCE all data is restricted to the SCE making for a secure environment to process traps.

Traps can also be processed in the same manner as long as the AGENT and the MS are in the same SCE.

It gets a little tricky when trying to access and use the data generated from SNMP. The latest HIPPA and Best use Practices are limiting the methods for data retrieval. While many solutions are great if all the devices and users are within the same SCE, however, this is the exception rather than the rule.

HIPAA Compliance

Health Information Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996 as a standard for insuring the privacy of health information, including digital information.



Accessing SNMP Data

While there may be many different Network Implementation Scenarios there is one thing for sure, there will be private within private networks that will not allow ingress to retrieve the information. Network security is implemented by a team to insure safety of the network, plug any holes, and remain compliant with any internal or external standards that may apply. There are two methods of accessing the SNMP Data:

  • Use an MS that has access to all devices within the SCE
  • Use an MS that translates the data and transmits it securely to an accessible manager.

In the first scenario there are many products that accomplish this task, the second scenario is where innovative thinking must be applied.
Isolation and compartmentalization makes using an SNMP system much more difficult.

Bridging the Gap

AVNOC® an AV/IT remote monitoring company, starts with security as the foundation by using a Management Station Hardware Solution which fits easily into any network (private within private), while securely communicating its data to a host for processing. The host processes the data into alerts and metrics that can be retrieved using a secure web interface. The solution is extremely effective in HIPAA compliant network environments.


SNMP and Audiovisual

Using SNMP in audiovisual systems creates a Layer 3 management solution for the AV network and the hardware on the network. The SNMP data can be translated into useful information from video conferencing details and audiovisual system status for remote management. Available API can be used for software applications that are already deployed in technology help desks and support centers for receiving remote data directly into an existing platform.

Applying SNMP

During the initial engineering of audiovisual networks SNMP should always be a consideration. SNMP is generally an option on most modern audiovisual devices but in most cases it requires specific network information to be added to the device set-up. Making sure all of the correct parameters are detailed is key to SNMP Layer 3 implementation. A destination to receive the SNMP data like a monitoring agent tied to a cloud host can be used for secure data transfer.

Making Monitoring Happen Easily

Combining AVNOC® with today’s networked audiovisual and telepresence installations commercial integrators can deliver proactive customer support services readily. Recurring revenue has never been easier to obtain than by applying remote monitoring technology. By applying SNMP monitoring to all new networked audiovisual builds now, the growth of remote support services that create recurring revenue have the opportunity to flourish sooner.

Staying connected in the rapidly moving world of AV/IT  is easier when you have the network monitoring products that are used by  AV industry leaders.

Put AVNOC® in your toolbox to really connect with customers.



For more on AVNOC® monitoring solutions visit avnoc.com

Selling annual service plans gets a much needed facelift

Call-in customer service plans are getting much harder to sell these days.


Here’s valuable information for service agreement sales that’s proven to generate more recurring annual revenue.

For today’s audiovisual integrator there are more opportunities than ever before to become a better service provider and charge for it. With the increased demand in AV networking customers are ripe for new service opportunities. Being a provider of UC technology is a wise choice in today’s economy, attaching a few more services to complete the package is where integrators can turn AV service in to a value-added resource if the right approach is taken.

Some of the best business opportunities can result from offering annual service agreements. Not the plumbers service model either where customers call-in with system failures and a detectable attitude because it’s your company’s installation. Good salesmanship is certainly a part of cultivating new services but it’s a bit easier to sell a performance-based product than one that just takes revenue from your customers budgets as a just-in-case policy. Before focusing on increasing service yield a few more steps should be taken to capitalize on what can really be some sweet low-hanging fruit.


Things to consider for better services:

  • Asset management software that includes customer service analytics

  • Remote monitoring with notifications sent to a help desk or service center

  • Cloud-based remote updating for device changes and asset updates

  • Automatic ticketing with customer demographics and failed device details

  • Monitoring appliances (not servers) for the customers AV networks

  • Scalability for unlimited IP addresses, network devices and multiple users

  • Easy installation that requires minimal interaction with IT departments

  • Qualified help desk personnel that know your customers technology

  • Mobile device compliant ticket application for field service technicians


It has been written and blogged many times that “service” is a key to long-term survival for system integrators. And lets not forget technology service is a billion dollar global industry too. The AV integration leaders realized all of this a decade ago and today they’re capitalizing on a new generation of customers by having services in place that’s been used by the IT industry for decades.


Offering remote AV monitoring is the surest way to positively impact future sales and services. As audiovisual systems become more IT centric so should the service model attached to those customers. Applying remote AV monitoring can generate new source of revenue through better services while simultaneously creating a stronger future for businesses to thrive in.


AVNOC® develops the ideal solutions for remote AV monitoring being offered by integrators across the nation. Our systems are specifically designed for audiovisual users and integrators to receive active system metrics through SNMP monitoring and to prevent excessive downtime. Today it’s easier than ever to have better customer services that include remote AV monitoring and service-based recurring revenue.

For more information go to www.avnoc.com


AVNOC® – Stay On Top of AV Services

The AV market changing in to an IT rich environment is making its impact on today’s commercial integration. In order to stay on top of your game making sure you have all of the technical bases covered for system management is mission critical.

AVNOC® gives customers an advantage with new automated monitoring features enhancing the information flow from business systems that are used everyday.  AVNOC® remote monitoring ensures all AV related systems are available when they’re needed and delivers a continuing data stream when video conferencing systems are in use.

Featured System Updates

  • Detailed Live Video Call Metrics
  • Automated MIB / OID Processing
  • Automated Notification and Ticketing
  • Updated Customer SLA Features
  • Custom Software Integration and API
  • Enhanced Remote Cloud Software
  • Mobile Device Service Ticket Application

AVNOC® diverse software reports network status and system metrics for thousands of manufacturers networked AV equipment. AVNOC® solutions are for better AV management services in corporate business, universities, K-12, manufacturing, government and technology driven industries.


When considering remote AV monitoring as a proactive solution for enhanced AV services remember AVNOC®.

For more information about AVNOC and our simple to use products go to avnoc.com

AVNOC® Remote AV Monitoring – Harness The Power of Your Business

AVNOC® continues the advancement in remote AV Monitoring technology by adding more customers into the AVNOC® Cloud.

Recently AVNOC® has increased its data center capacity for providing cloud services to satisfy the growth in remote AV monitoring. Our new high volume data center simplifies remote AV monitoring for our customers while leaving the IT woes behind.

As a result of a study of our customer demographics, it has been determined that most potential customers do not have the in-house IT experience or required staff to implement a Cloud Infrastructure in their network.

AVNOC® Always Makes It Better

AVNOC® is now provisioning a VM (Virtual Machine) in our Cloud Network that is “specific to the customer”. In other words, our customers now have a choice to deploy a private VM in our cloud along with all the querying and alert handling features our customers have come to expect. It’s an AVNOC® Cloud supported AV monitoring system that operates like it’s in-house!

Here is the way it works:

  • AVNOC® provisions a VM specifically for the customer. This is a separate VM in our data center for each customer.

  • AVNOC® provisions and delivers remote AV monitoring appliances ready to plug-n-play in a customers network.

  • AVNOC® creates a queue for notice management with our mail server to handle customers notifications.

  • AVNOC® updates from the cloud for making changes remotely. In other words a customer can add or remove a piece of gear and update the monitoring instance remotely.

AVNOC® eliminates the need for customers to implement the complexity of a cloud server in their network making it very easy to start proactive monitoring right away. The remote updating feature from our cloud is a jewel that makes AVNOC® simply awesome!

AVNOC® is always moving forward and perusing the proper methods and advancements for AV monitoring. We make it easy for remote AV monitoring and continued growth on a global scale.  AVNOC® systems deliver the quality and foresight that bring customers into a proactive remote monitoring solution with precision and speed.

Go to AVNOC.COM for more information.

AVNOC® Cloud Based Audiovisual Monitoring – The Future Is Here Now

Audio Visual Monitoring

AVNOC® remote monitoring products are changing the way the entire industry manages AV service today!

AVNOC® is leading the way with secure Cloud Based Remote Monitoring Systems and Proactive Service Solutions for ALL Audiovisual Integrators.avnoc_vm_img Our systems allow secure remote monitoring in customers networks with no inbound access required. No Servers. No VPN. No IT hassles.

AVNOC® After Hours Service is our 24/7 support NOC that lets integrators offer unlimited AV system coverage everyday of the year. Complete with a call center AVNOC® delivers a higher level of AV services unseen in our industry until now.

AVNOC® Software systems are a total AV service management product that can support a smaller service center to an enterprise level AV service department. Our software manages customers assets through realtime remote monitoring allowing full proactive response to any network device failure. Included in our multiuser software is trouble ticket management and tech assignment , flexible notification assignments, service billing and custom forms plus other great features.

Visit AVNOC.com and see what the future of AV service and proactive remote AV monitoring products are all about.

AVNOC® Solutions Improve Integrators Bottom Line


AVNOC® monitoring systems are made for ALL integrators to offer true remote AV monitoring and proactive support services to customers, winning more bids in the process. Smaller AV businesses can level the playing field while capitalizing on bid opportunity by including affordable AVNOC® monitoring and After Hours support services. Larger companies can provide better customer support becoming even more profitable through efficiency and value-add service increases.  It’s a win, win for the integrator and customers.

It’s been clearly noted by IMS Research and  Commercial Integrator that value-added services can win more bids nearly every time. Value-added services are remote AV monitoring and proactive services. It’s also a fact the more than 30% of successful integrators profit is generated through post sale customer support services.

Dealers need to have more than just a “service department” to thrive in todays advancing technology markets!

You be the customer and decide:

  • AV Company bids on an AV Installation with a basic service plan included.
    (users find failed gear)
  • AV Company bids on an AV Installation with proactive 24/7 support service plan included.
    (integrator notifies customers before they find it).

It’s a no brainer for the customer. They get advanced notification of failed equipment, eliminating users finding gear not working at the exact moment they need it.


The future for AV integrators is remote monitoring and proactive service. AVNOC® monitoring systems are so simple that any AV company or customer can install our products in just a few hours. We make proactive service possible for ALL integrators. We manufacture powerful monitoring solutions for almost any network security environment.

If your company needs a boost to improve the bottom line and better compete in markets, AVNOC® is one of the quickest and best answers for your business today!

Include proactive AVNOC® monitoring systems in your next bid proposal for winning results!

P. Scott Allard  – AVNOC, LLC

AVNOC Acquires CyberEd Corporation Software Firm

avnoc1 avnoc1 avnoc1 avnoc1

Last month October 2012, AVNOC, LLC acquired Cyber Ed Corporation. This move is to consolidate the software and hardware divisions of AVNOC in to one company.

Cyber Ed Corp, a software firm developing products for state education and private businesses for over 15 years developed the core software interface for AVNOC monitoring products. In late 2010 AVNOC co-founders, Ed Lang and P. Scott Allard, designed the backbone of AVNOC monitoring platform using the CyberObjects framework developed by Cyber Ed Corporation.


Our decision to merge AVNOC and Cyber Ed Corp brings on new opportunities and growth for AVNOC as a technology provider.

AVNOC now offers a wide variety of software and hardware technology products including network device monitoring and NOC development systems. We are continuing to grow in the direction that has been our focus since the inception of AVNOC. A provider of software and hardware solutions for data resource and asset management, plus a full service technology support center and NOC.


Visit us at www.avnoc.com